Hiring 3 Contract Coaches, %50/hr to Start, 10-25 clients/week

Do you want to make a profound difference in the lives of people who are struggling, help them on-the-spot, AND make great money doing it?

Position: Client Enrollment Coach / Salesperson
Schedule: 20-25 hrs/week
Type: Contract
Desired: Sales Experience, Coaching experience
Work Location: Remote - US / Canada (your home office)
Income Potential: $55,000+ /year USD

Are you experienced in both Sales and Coaching?

Do you have a high energy, enrolling personality?

Are you Professional and Meticulous, always On Time to the Minute, Smart, Quick and COACHABLE?

Do you have 2+ years experience in client enrollment with an excellent track record of high performance and Results?


If you lead with your heart and love helping, enjoy getting “real” and having authentic deep conversations with people AND want to make great money doing it...


This is a rewarding and meaningful sales position.

We are adding 2 Enrollment Coaches / Salespeople to our awesome team. You will talk to inbound leads who have already scheduled a call with us and are excited to speak with you. Following our format and method, you will help them on the call, enroll them into our coaching program, and get them started on the incredible path that will change their life!

TO APPLY follow the 3 steps at the bottom of this description.

ABOUT US: We are the #1 provider of coaching services for Adults with ADHD in North America, with an outstanding track record of success and thousands of clients since 1999.



We are seeking 2 Client Enrollment Coaches / Salespeople to lead the Enrollment session (intro call) with our prospects!


Specific Duties:

  • Daily outbound enrollment calls to warm leads who have already contacted us and are waiting to hear from you. No Cold-Calls!
  • You will listen to, and actually help each prospect during the 30-40 minute session and help them to sign-up for our coaching program.
  • These calls can take place from your home office on a high quality phone line.
  • Each session is a little bit different based on each prospect’s unique challenges and goals; however there is a specific Format and Method to these calls that you Must follow. If you are someone who needs to do it “your way” then this is not for you.
  • You will attend weekly scheduled training calls. Specific sales training will be provided.
  • Approximately 3/4 of your time will be leading the enrollment “Intro Session” calls, and 1/4 of your time will be spent on follow-up calls, emails, and reporting/admin.
  • You are available to work 20-25 hours/week, including a few early evening hours each week.
  • You’ll start with 1-2 client calls a day. As you demonstrate your ability to successfully enroll clients using our method, you will move to 18-20 calls per week.


The Candidates we are looking for:

If you are trying to fill in time between pursuits, are looking for something short-term, or need a job while trying to build your own business, please do not apply!

We’re seeking candidates who are interested in the freedom that comes from having a predictable, meaningful, fun, well-paying, work from home position!

You must be looking for a LONG-term commitment working with us.

Personal Qualities:

The applicants we are looking for have a commitment to true excellence. You are energetic, accountable, and professional. Integrity is one of your core values and you walk your talk!

  • You have high energy! and an engaging personality.
  • You naturally build rapport & create an emotional connection with strangers very quickly and easily!
  • You have very high Empathy;
  • You seamlessly adapt your tone and tempo to each unique personality.
  • You are accountable and extremely professional.
  • You are Never Late! You must be exactly on time, to the minute, for all calls.
  • You must be an extremely quick thinker: Our clients are FAST and you must always be at least 1 step ahead.
  • You are Highly trainable and coachable!
  • You know how effective, life-changing and tremendously valuable personal-growth and coaching can be!
  • You thrive on results and are open to learning and expanding yourself personally and professionally!
  • You are Driven, with an outgoing, extroverted personality.
  • You love the sales “game” and get excited about achieving the results you set for each day.

You must be comfortable with a commission only, contract position (with a guaranteed minimum)

Income potential working 20-25 hours per week is $55,000+ /year.



Please record a 2 or 3 minute audio or video recording of yourself responding to the requirements of the position and let us know why you are perfect for this opportunity, and why we should hire you over all the other applicants.

(i) your Recording, (ii) Resume, (iii) Cover letter, and (iv) Links to your social media profiles,

Complete your DISC and Motivators assessments here:
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  • When giving your responses, go with your gut feelings, this is not a test—there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Please allow about 15 minutes to complete the assessments.
  • Your results will be emailed to us automatically upon completion.
    You will not receive a copy of your completed DISC, it is sent directly to us.

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Have a fantastic day!

Jeremy Pearson, CEO.
EXPERT ADHD COACHING "Helping Adults with ADHD Worldwide since 1999"

Rave Reviews

The best move I've made in over a decade was to contact Expert ADHD Coaching- after only 3 months my head isn't spinning anymore, I'm kicking butt in my business, spending more time with my kids, and I'm back in the game 100%!

Alex M., Phoenix AZ

At age 37, I was diagnosed with ADD. My coach worked with me to understand exactly where in my life it's been impacting me, and what I can do about it now. She gave me simple tools that I put to use right away, and before I knew it- I became more organized than I've ever been in my life! I finally feel in control of my career and my money! ...Honestly, I never thought that would be possible for me.
Karen Perez, Entertainment Lawyer, BC

My expert ADHD coach is a huge gift in my life!
I have achieved so many personal victories it is hard to name just one. Working with you has changed my life for the better in every area! -And, it was easier than I thought it would be!
Thank you for One Focus Shanna. Your company is changing so many lives!

Jill Bridell, Missouri

I love working with Shanna - She knows the secrets of trainers and speakers who charge thousands of dollars per hour for coaching! She's the best deal of the decade!
Noah Sklarin, JP Morgan, UK

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