Disorganized? Overwhelmed?
Always Late?


Learn and implement the tools that will work for you.

  • Be On Time and Get more Done!
  • Get, and Stay Organized!
  • Follow Through on what you Start!
  • Get unstuck from Overwhelm!
  • Take Action In Spite of Your Mood!
  • Decrease Your Stress and Anxiety!
  • Create deeper Relationships!
  • Increase your Financial Success!
  • Get back in Control of your Life!

92% of our Clients achieve their 3 major goals within 5 months of starting our program!!

Implementation is the Only way to achieve real results.

That's Why we are 100% Implementation and Results oriented, in order to ensure you accomplish every goal that’s important to you!


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Our founder and creator of the Expert ADHD Coaching system, Master coach and Coach Trainer Shanna Pearson has presented keynote speeches, trained faculty and students at major colleges and Universities across the country, and has been an Expert guest on many top TV and radio shows nationwide.

ABC - Newswatch 12
Adult ADHD

with ADHD expert Shanna Pearson

CW6 - News at 4
Tests - ADHD Learning Differences

with ADHD expert Shanna Pearson

Global TV - The Morning Show

Coping with adult ADHD

with ADHD expert Shanna Pearson

CTV - Morning Live

ADHD Symptoms in Men vs. Women

with ADHD expert Shanna Pearson


ADHD Gender Gap

with ADHD expert Shanna Pearson

Our 'over-the-phone' coaching means we can help you anywhere in the world!

Since 1999, thousands of adults with ADD have been achieving extraordinary results with us!  Are You ready to get back into the Driver's Seat of your life?
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