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Chris H.

Sarah Rogers
Social Worker

Brian Hazard
Clinical Director

My expert ADHD coach is a huge gift in my life!
I have achieved so many personal victories it is hard to name just one. Working with you has changed my life for the better in every area! -And, it was easier than I thought it would be!
Thank you for One Focus Shanna. Your company is changing so many lives!

Jill Bridell, Missouri

The best move I've made in over a decade was to contact Expert ADHD Coaching- after only 3 months my head isn't spinning anymore, I'm kicking butt in my business, spending more time with my kids, and I'm back in the game 100%!
Alex M., Phoenix AZ

As a woman with ADHD, this system Really helps me get things Done. I've reduced my procrastination, and have identified how I need to stick with my decisions. This reduces stress and makes life much more enjoyable.
Marci M, Engineer. Calgary AB.

I love working with Shanna - She knows the secrets of trainers and speakers who charge thousands of dollars per hour for coaching! She’s the best deal of the decade!
Noah Sklarin, JP Morgan, UK

After working with my coach for a short time, my career and my relationship have both gone from “good” to “Absolutely Amazing”! I only wish I knew about Shanna Pearson 10 years ago.
Jamie Foreman, Event Producer, CA

I turned 50 this year! With just a month into Shanna’s coaching program, I realize that I have more "will be" in me than "has been" in me!
Susan Beauvais, Ont, JHS Niagara Career Coach

Shanna's the Best! She's helped me raise my GPA from a 2.0 to a 3.2! Her study techniques are totally unique and 100% A.D.D. 'friendly'. She shares the exact methods that she invented for herself when She was in university, and they work! I finally found somebody who understands me and what I'm going through in school!
Mark S., 3rd year BSc student, University of Toronto

I want to thank you for being the focal point I've needed for so long. My life has changed incredibly since I started working with you . I spent nearly ten years wandering in circles, knowing I needed to eat better, sleep better, exercise more etc. but everything I tried petered out quickly. Now, with your regular direction and positive feedback I am able to implement changes quickly and often easily. Your work has helped me make my life wonderful. I happily recommend you to all in my life who are seeking improved focus and more control over their lives - whether they have ADD or not. Thank you so much,
Brian D. Hagan, Senior Project Co-ordinator RMOW, Ont.

Working with Shanna has been a life changing experience. I had spent the majority of my life being stressed, unorganized, unfocused and generally bouncing from one thing to another before I got the diagnosis of ADHD. The discovery of ADHD in itself was life changing but it still wasn't helping me get where I wanted and needed to be. About 8 months after the diagnosis I started working with Shanna. She helped me create the structure that I and so many ADD'ers need and cannot always create for ourselves. We worked on setting goals, changing habits and putting a plan of action into place. By learning to focus on only one thing at a time I have been able to see my life transform with me in the driver's seat. I would say one of the greatest successes that I have seen in my life is that I'm implementing some of the tools she's taught me without being prompted to. Such as setting goals and seeing myself achieve them from the basic goal of having breakfast every morning to the complex and more detailed goal of starting my own business, which I have!
Danielle Susskind, Virtual Events Consultant, Toronto

Prior to working with Shanna, I had never met someone who could truly understand the extent of my inclination to overwhelm myself with tasks and commitments. My problem of overwhelm was sufficiently severe that it frequently prevented me from accomplishing my goals, and led to high levels of frustration. Shanna was able to help me through her strong skill of Focusing and clarifying my priorities. Secondly, Shanna has an exceptional combination of extraordinarily high energy, boldness, optimism, and commitment in pro-actively seeking her goals, and the goals of her clients. As such, she is truly an inspiration and a mentor to me!
(name withheld by request)

Shanna! I feel so Lucky to have found you! Our conversations leave me empowered and always aware of new elements to hone my effectiveness.

In Gratitude,

Bill Nesbitt, Toronto

As a result of working with Shanna I've actually gone from a couch potato to a runner (literally-can now run 10 km).
Daniel M., YMCA Career Services, Sudbury

At age 37, I was diagnosed with ADD. My coach worked with me to understand exactly where in my life it’s been impacting me, and what I can do about it now. She gave me simple tools that I put to use right away, and before I knew it- I became more organized than I’ve ever been in my life! I finally feel in control of my career and my money! … Honestly, I never thought that would be possible for me.

Karen Perez, Entertainment Lawyer, BC

Hi Shanna, The work you’re doing with us is such a great fit for our team. You've jump started all of the ideas I had to an entirely new level and we are excited for it to continue here at the YMCA among our staff.

The coaching and resources you've given us are amazing. With the YMCA of Greater Toronto promoting healthy living, as well as personal growth among our community, it was nice to be involved in making some of these choices ourselves as staff- It needs to start here 100%. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us Shanna!

Sarah Thomas, Quality Assurance Coordinator, YMCA of Greater Toronto

Shanna does an absolutely Amazing job - motivating us to motivate our team and keeping us on-track!!...
Doug Millward, JobZone D’Emploi, Cornwall Ont.

Shanna has an incredible ability to inspire youth and adults alike, as well as providing experiences that impact lives.
Jordon Dale, SLC Executive Director, NYC

The personalized attention that our school has gotten from Shanna Pearson is superlative. She has managed to brilliantly integrate her coaching, seminars, and workshops into our specific curriculum, thus greatly enhancing the educational experiences of the students who attend here. We consistently receive rave reviews of her programs! Thank you.
Jennie Allen, Assistant Director of Education, NYC

Shanna's program has made my life so much easier! I never knew about ADD until a couple of years ago and I never thought about having a personal coach before. I saw that I was jumping around from job to job a lot- but not ever doing what I wanted.
Thanks to Expert ADHD Coaching I now have the right tools to make my ADHD work for me! I'm a lot more focused now- I’ve accomplished 3 major goals and I’m not stopping.
Thank you!

Melissa Sanders, AT&T, NYC.

When you're an adult with ADHD, your symptoms become magnified as your life becomes more complicated. One Focus has changed my life and has completely changed the way I do things!
This program has given me incredible confidence, amazing tools, and a Usable plan of action which I'm now able to implement every single day.

Shelby Dabney, DF-Financial services, Dallas, Tx.

Shanna Pearson is a brilliant motivator. I personally watched as four seminar participants approached Shanna to express that she “changed their life”. Shanna inspires action and achievement, she is highly professional, enthusiastic, and a fantastic leader. I highly recommend her services.
Zev Darrack, Banklink Configuration Manager, NYC

FUN! That’s how it is to work with Expert ADHD Coaching! Shanna gave me the gift of turning my ADD into something positive. She’s given me simple ADD management strategies that have made me a lot more successful at work (and at home!). I’m also a huge fan of her uncle (T.Harv Eker) so it’s always great when she shares personal stories about what she learned from him growing up, and what he teaches her today. It feels like I’m learning directly from him too!
Mitch Freeman, Financial Advisor, NYC

Shanna ran an Amazing seminar at the University of Toronto- In 90 minutes she taught me more about working with my ADD than reading the 5 books I've read on the subject. Her seminar was extremely informative and FUN. I'll be working with Shanna regularly soon and I can't wait!
Anne L., University of Toronto 4th year

Shanna is one truly gifted (and fearless!) woman. Not only did she help me get my finances in order (!), but after years trying to meet everyone else’s expectations and never doing what I actually loved, she motivated me to finally start my own business- A dream come true… And it’s already profitable!
Dayna Rice, Personal Trainer, NYC

Everyone here loved Shanna’s coaching program and we’re all still committed, -this has been really great - even employee relations have improved- we’re not just working but we’re also all having fun together. Thanks!
Laurie Froman, Programs and Services Officer, Grand River

On behalf of our entire office, I would like to thank you for helping all of us strive for, and achieve More in our personal and work life! Congratulations on the great job!
Rossitza Laleva, COSTI Caledonia

Shanna coaches me to get really clear on what it is I want and how I'm going to get it. She has a lifetime of experience and skills to be an incredibly effective coach - I started getting results as soon as we started working together. Shanna has an overflowing figurative toolbox of creative, fun skills that are truly getting me where I want to go - to places that have been difficult for me to get to on my own.
K.I, Occupational Therapist, Toronto

I met Shanna at one of her uncle Harv’s Peak Potentials programs. I can’t get over how much her attitude is exactly like his. Especially her no B.S approach… It’s Exactly what I needed in a coach. She’s Awesome!
Thomas Choe, Xerox, TX

Shanna Pearson is a miracle worker! What she’s done for me is just amazing. My life was pure chaos! I was usually in a state of overwhelm or anxiety because of my ADD... I was always running behind, rarely feeling relaxed. Now, after only 4 months of working with Shanna, my health (mental And physical), marriage, and job satisfaction have all improved. I even "accidentally" lost 12 pounds- not because of any diet, but because I’m feeling good and generally happier with myself…What a bonus!
Danielle Wise, JD. Real Estate lawyer, CA

In working with Shanna over the past year it has become obvious to me that she has the practical knowledge and the experience that is crucial to a successful coaching relationship. Her savvy application of these skills goes far beyond the impact of any theoretical posturing. Shanna has helped facilitate my process of becoming a more effective learner, which has not only resulted my increased confidence and performance, but has also allowed me to begin reflectively coach myself. I enjoy collaborating with Shanna because she invests herself in assisting and encouraging me to meet my objectives, Not furthering her own agenda. I feel more empowered and more inspired to achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself.
Karen Krauter, York University

Shanna led her University Success seminar at York University last month- and it was Outstanding! She seems to know everything about ADHD (probably because she lives with it herself!). I was lucky to start working with her 1ce/week and already after only a few sessions I'm feeling much more in control of my life! Everyone with ADHD should work with Shanna - you'll be amazed at how gifted she is and how EASY it is for you to use your ADD to be as successful as you want!!
Asher N., York University 2nd year

Shanna, first, let me say, I think you are awesome for creating your wellness program for all of us. It’s been phenomenal! You’ve done a great job and all our staff are very excited!
J. M., Employment Counsellor, EEC, Brockville

I've been so lucky to have been able to work with 3 OFTS coaches over the past year based on their specialty! I'm in a completely different place now- not only managing my ADHD but my entire life is back on track! Thank you all so much!!
Samara G. MSW, Boston MA

I have seen a number of wonderful educators and leaders. Without reservation, I would put Shanna Pearson in the highest ranks. She inspires joy and success, and has an uncanny ability to consistently transform and motivate each person she works with.
Amy Bram, Educational Director, GA

I've been so lucky to have been able to work with 3 OFTS coaches over the past year based on their specialty! I'm in a completely different place now- not only managing my ADHD but my entire life is back on track! Thank you all so much!!
Samara G. MSW, Boston MA


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